Top 50 Pick of the Year

Looking for books to share with your children or to add to your school library?

Each year we publish the favourite Top 50 books chosen by the children – geat for ideas for gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Here is our fabulous Top 50 with our fantastic Winners as chosen by the children for 2018.

Pick of the Year 2017

You can be confident that children will love these books – the Top 50 children’s books of 2017 as chosen by the children, aged 4 – 18. You can download the full list by clicking on the button below.

Top Ten

Every year we produce great resources for you to use when reading and voting for our Top Ten. Here are some resources and activities for our Top Ten books for 2018, activities for every book, great posters to download, a participation poster for your school, a Top Ten bookmark and a Super Tester sticker for your child. Have fun!!

And when you are ready to vote visit

Download a poster of our great Top Ten to put on your wall!

And do you want to know who all our Past Winners are? Download pictures of all our winning books since the first Overall Winner in 1980.

Is your child a Children’s Book Award Super Tester? Click here to download our Super Tester sticker!

Media Pack

Click here to download the Top Ten 2018 press release announcing our fantastic winners.

There are also press releases about the Children’s Book Award 2017, click here to read a blog post about the award on TheBookActivist.